Crude oil does not exist, all of our ‘oil’ comes from plants, not ‘molten dinosaur’...

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When have any of you seen an actual barrel of oil? Or any crude oil anywhere?

Do you know that the word ‘Shell’ (major oil producer) is used to describe fake economic entities?

A shell corporation is a corporation without active business operations or significant assets.

Perhaps this is the Illuminati passing the truth in plain sight about so-called ‘crude oil’?

Oil drilling operations

They seem to have genuine images of oil rigs, but the pictures of oil drills embedded in the ocean floor are all cartoons. For the same reason why any photo of a ‘virus’ is a cartoon, they don’t exist!

Old photos

Similar fakery is used to hoax the iconic ‘bursting oil well’ photos that we have come to know and love.

This photo has two main problems. No oil on the ground, or on the roof of the nearby building; and to top it off, many of the workers aren’t even looking at the oil, although it is difficult to tell with the low quality.

This picture is simply one big joke. Not only does the ‘gushing oil’ look like it was scribbled in by a five year old, the oil should cast a shadow onto the roof on the lower right, and yet it doesn’t.

The sun is coming from the left, as we can see by the shadow on the right side of the rig. I have highlighted the lack of shadow in this edited version


It’s fairly obvious by now that crude oil is just yet another Illuminati hoax. The few pictures we have of crude oil simply show muddy water or black paint.

That's all there really is to the crude oil hoax: a dozen or so floating platforms which don't actually drill into the seabed, some day traders gambling on fake markets and some cups of black paint.

When you have total control of all media and more importantly science and education, hoaxes are easy to pull off...

Dinosaurs are a hoax also, so that on it’s own helps to invalidate the existence of crude oil. Maybe this is why they are talking of ‘abiotic oil’, so that they can eventually use this to replace the molten dinosaur story...


Let me guess, you're a flat earthed too?

I actually believe that the earth is concave sphere. Planes have to fly at an upward angle of 3 degrees in order to stay level.

Airplanes fly slightly pitch up during level flight because the center of lift is forward of the center of gravity. This design is for stability and to make stalls much more recoverable from.

Your theory is easy to debunk. Catch a cross Pacific flight.

Do they allow research into this or threaten to pull funding if the scientists try and find out

are you like huffing paint? I personally have in fact seen crude oil. and real oil rigs I mean ask any one of thousands of people who have helped clean up oil spills the shit is real and real toxic. it is not just a cup of paint. somewhere I believe I still have a vial of crude oil in a mineral sample kit. there is conspiracy theory and there is crazy conspiracy theory and then there is wacko nut job crazy conspiracy theory. you sir are on the spectrum for sure.

I mean ask any one of thousands of people who have helped clean up oil spills the shit is real and real toxic

It wouldn't be hard to pour a load of dirty water and black paint and then get crisis actors to pretend to clean it.

I still have a vial of crude oil in a mineral sample kit

Hmm, well there are loads of different black liquids (iodine, paint etc.). Hopefully one day I can buy a similar sample and see for myself.

There are thousands of people in my state working drilling for "black paint?!?" Getting paid good money for a lie? I mean there is far fetched then there is this interstellar far out shit you talkin

You can question anything using his logic. "Is this Mountain Dew in this bottle? It could just be a different green liquid." "Idaho isn't really a state. I mean, have you been there?"

When have any of you seen an actual barrel of oil? Or any crude oil anywhere?

In the Oil Fields of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Or maybe I was hallucinating and it's all a hoax.

The barrels you saw may have been empty, or simply contained water. We have no way of knowing for sure.

Haha, nope. I've gauged those tanks and seen the crude oil. There's thousands of folks in the oil/gas industry that see this stuff everyday. I promise, it's real.

Clearly you're a paid shill /s

didn't even say he saw barrells. You realize they don't use barrells anymore...right?

Yup, fellow Texan here, I've personally seen crude oil being pumped into holding tanks.

Dinosaurs are a hoax? Why?

Fake bones. Fake exhibits. Fakery everywhere.

People have been finding dinosaur fossils for centuries. Who do you think buried all these fake bones and why?

I don't have the answers to who and why. But point me towards an exhibit which isn't a total fabrication of reality. I'd appreciate your help.

If it wasn't obvious, they are mostly, if not all (?) total reconstructions based on almost entirely incomplete supposedly 'found fossils'. Most claim that the fossils are degradable, similar to how they say you shouldnt take pictures of paintings. They haven't figured out how to coat these fakeries with some film that makes them not oxidize, or be exposed to air? It's a joke.

No, you are so wrong I don't know where to begin. I've worked at several natural history museums. Some do only put up casts from real bones for display (many museums might not own a complete skeleton, so they get casts from other museums). But many are real (it will say it at the display). AMNH likes to brag about how most of their fossils are real, there are many others that display primarily real fossils.

For real specimens, you don't want to coat it with anything, that is the worst thing you can do (I work as an art conservator, and have worked on many fossil specimens - often taking off old coatings, ironically - modern plastic coatings age for shit. Moreover there is no reason to coat a fossil, and it could interfere with future analysis).

Nothing will happen if you take a photo of the fossil, no flash policies are more because flashes are annoying.

bright lights are probably what's necessary to expose frauds. Probably can compare to a known original in the past. When no flash is used, a replica is probably hard to tell apart from the real.

Anyway, that's the besides the point. Museums sure do need to brag about showing 'real' fossils. Because most are fake. Now, the small percentage of places that are putting up the charade of showing 'real' fossils, either are bamboozled into purchasing fake specimens, in denial their 100m purchases and exhibits are a job creator, an economical boon ... or knowingly scamming the public. I think it's the former.

On paintings: bright lights are probably what's necessary to expose frauds. Probably can compare to a known original in the past. When no flash is used, a replica is probably hard to tell apart from the real

No... Again, I'm an art conservator, that is not at all how to determine a fraud. Some pigments and dyes are light sensitive - more of a problem for textiles than paintings TBH.

Most of the large research institutions are collecting their own specimens for research, not purchasing them. Is that fake too? The paleontologist go out in the field and make fake fossils?

There are methods to preserve bone. Fossil are more commonly highly permineralized bone, sometimes with total replacement. If the fossils are stable, nothing needs to be done. These fossils have survived thousand to millions of years. They don't need a coating.

Are you serious? I'm not answering anymore, I can't tell if you are just fucking with me.

Im seriously examining this issue. I'm definitely biasing my argument and not countering myself, which I could choose do.

But, this topic would actually take quite a while to get to the meat of it. Thanks Art Conservator, who came just at the right time!

Well, your talk of fake dinosaurs piqued my interest.

It would pique the interest of both legitimate art conservators and paid shills for sure.

Ughh, no they havent? Dinosaurs kind of just appear in historical record in the mid 1800s. Your statement is absolutely false.

Sorry, I should have qualified that as "fossils". Mammoth bone and ivory has been used for centuries. But even then, this dinosaur hoax goes back over 200 years - what would be the point of that hoax? I mean, that's a realllly long con.

The Natural History of Oxford-shire published in 1677 has the first known illustration of a dinosaur bone (though misidentified at the time). That's the first scientific record, but people have been digging up fossils for as long as there have been people. They just had other things to worry about, like finding food and running away from saber-toothed cats so they didn't really have time to write books about rocks that looked kinda like bones.

The bones exist. They are just various species of animals. Mostly birds. The whole thing was a psyop by two skull and bones memebers who are documented in engaging in fraud, theft, destruction of artifacts etc.

Something like 50% of all their discoveries were later shown to be outright fraud. All variations of the same species. Find a T-Rex set BEFORE it's been plaster casted. Now look at any bird skeleton or ostrich. Ow rearrange the "T-Rex" and u see they are just birds. Feathers have been found at all dig sites. Manly ignored. But intact specimens exist as well.

I've dug dinosaur bones out of the ground before lol.

Dinosaurs are simply too big. When you double a creatures height, it's volume is increased by a factor of 8.

They would simply collapse under their own weight.

Dinosaur fossils have never been found in a complete state, they just find unusually large teeth and then extrapolate that into some imaginary animal.

Do you also believe elephants are a hoax?

well no, but elephants are much much smaller than the dinosaurs were supposed to be.

Elephants also have 4 legs, whereas many dinosaurs like the T-rex only had 2.

An actual dinosaur would be constantly stumbling and tripping over

Oh come on, stop pulling my chain.

What do you think a tail is for?

Dinosaur fossils have never been found in a complete state, they just find unusually large teeth and then extrapolate that into some imaginary animal.

So all of this doesn't exist?

Oil is real but it's not dead plants. It's the earth's blood. It regenerates but we're pumping it very quickly so it's possible we might accidentally kill the planet.

That is ridiculous.

Wouldn't the magma inside the earth, the source of almost every geological process and some beyond (ex: magnetic field/poles), be the earth's blood?

Joe Rogan mentioned this on his podcast. He said that he read a book stating that the majority of oil comes from decomposed and compressed plant material rather than animal material and that false info has been propagated in order to make people believe that oil is scarce. His theory is that oil fields actually refill much quicker than we are lead to believe.

He mentioned this quickly, in passing, while talking to Pete Holmes about something else.


So when people discovered oil and used it to heat and light their homes what were they really using?

plant based oil, same thing we use in our cars and to make plastics

Petroleum has 46 Mj/kg vs animal fat 37 Mj/kg vs Olive oil has 39 Mj/kg. That's a 17% difference in energy density, where's the extra energy coming from?

I'm sure you lost him.

Crude oil doesn't come from dinosaurs specifically, it comes from organic matter - plant and animal. So in your twisted way, you're actually sort of correct. The idea that oil comes from dead dinosaurs came about because the process takes a very long time, and dinosaurs were the dominant life form for a very long time, a very long time ago. It's just a way of saying "oil comes from things that were alive millions of years ago."

Also, while dinosaurs tended to be larger than mammals on average, there were many smaller species of dinosaur. The very large species were the exception, not the norm. Dinosaurs existed for 165 million years, that's an enormous span of time in which many different species evolved and went extinct, and in which untold numbers of individual animals lived and died, and a tiny percentage became fossils or oil.

It takes a very long time to turn organic matter into crude oil. That process has been going on for something like 2 billion years, so there is (was) 2 billion years-worth of oil "saved up" in the ground. No one touched it until we started using it 100 years ago. And in that short time we've managed to use up all the readily-accessible supplies.

We have not used half the supply of oil. There are vast untapped oil fields bigger yet than any we have drawn from. However profits are high and tapping into these resources would lower the price of crude and we can't have that.

What I mean is that all oil is manufactured from plants by us, it doesn't come from the ground.

The crude oil bath definitely looks like used motor oil

Kerogen I, which produces mostly oil when thermally mature is from Algae. Kerogen II, produces both oil and gas when thermally mature and is from a variety of plants and marine phytoplankton cysts. Kerogen III produces almost only gas and is from land plant wood which forms coal. (There are several coal forming environments though and they have varying kinds of kerogen present) Oil maturation is as recent as Cenozoic era too. Carbonaceous was a time of huge coal deposits because the woody trees didn't break down and accumulated. After that period, petroleum sources formed in only anoxic environments.

Thanks to another user who knows more about oil than me ~/u/sugarpeas

I can't tell, is this satire?

Im really unsure after reading these comments.

This is one of my favorite "I swear I'm not crazy" posts of all time.

I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. One day a drunken gentleman took it in mind to fire his powerful hunting rifle into the tube of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. This impromptu empiricism demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt, to the satisfaction of this witness, that there was crude oil in the pipeline, and that it was under pressure.

Similar experiments, using a technique called "trepanning," can be very useful for people with brain overpressure sundrome.