Satanic Hollywood Cult

38  2017-06-25 by AhuwahZeus

The term Hollywood derives from the holly tree. The holly tree was used by Druids who were known for being priests and also wizards. The character of Merlin in the legend of King Arthur was a Druid wizard and he used a wand of made of holly wood. Hollywood movies are forms of sorcery using psychology, subliminal messages, and manifestation through what is called "lesser magic" and bewitchment. Today many actors in Hollywood practice witchcraft and kabbalah. The Kabbalah Centre International is located in Los Angeles California and many actors and entertainers are members including Madonna, Demi Moore, Brittany Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Rosie O'Donnell, and Mick Jagger. Most of them can be seen in photographs wearing the "red string" bracelet which represents the red Gevurah sephirot of the Kabbalah Tree which symbolizes fire, wrath, and judgement and this is all related to Mars despite the cover up. Mars is known as the "god of war" in Roman Mythology and the red string Kabbalah cult is covertly promoting a war and holocaust. Mark Breakspear is a Hollywood special effects designer and he comes from the English Breakspear family which produced the only English Pope in history Pope Adrian IV of Nicholas Breakspear who also conquered Ireland for Rome. The name Break-spear translates to Rotti-Lance in Italian for the Lancellotti family. Lancellotti or Breakspear is where Lancelot comes from in the King Arthur legend. The Lancellotti family own a palace in Italy with a hedge maze and clock tower. These symbols are used in the Hollywood movie "Alice in Wonderland" and mazes or labrynths are meant to confuse or bewitch the mind. Prince Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti II is the head of the Lancellotti family today.


Dwayne Johnson who was just in an SNL skit about creating a child molesting robot is a top member of the satanic cult in Hollywood. Paul Walker faked his death and is a blood drinking lunatic that works for the Bush-Walker family. George Clooney is a high level leader in Hollywood. Hollywood is filled with Satanists and pedophiles.

Are Quincy Jones' son and grandson satanists and pedophiles too?

Ok. Where did you get this info?

OP evades questions.

SNL video with the Rock. Photo of Paul Walker at the scene of his death. Eminem's music video of Proof getting shot before he was literally shot. Video of Will Smith promoting alchemy. Quincy Jones has been exposed before and worked on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. News article about We Are the Future which was started in Rome. Do some research.

Nothing you said here is proof or evidence of anything. Sorry dude.

4 minutes is not enough time to search those things out which means you didn't. Just go away.

Haha, you can't answer my question so you say go away? Nice.

Photo of Paul Walker at the scene of his death

Got any links about this? Quick google search couldn't find anything.

Yes but I do not recommend the information on the site that has the picture. Its the first picture with him in a hat and shades. The site denies it is him. The seventh image down on the site does a good comparison even though it denies it is him.

Damn that's pretty convincing. Looking at the ears, the lobes connect to the side of the head identically and that is almost impossible to replicate. Good stuff.

Bro, you need to chill a bit.

DARPA and the Department of Defense along with Silicon Valley have developed an artificial singularity through HAARP, satellites, electronics, and chemtrails. HAARP. modern electronics and wireless frequencies are generating geometrically designed programs into society. The chemtrails are made of nano conductive particles that create an electromagnetic fuzz in the air and this enhances these electronic frequencies and creates a type of artificial singularity. These frequencies are hacking into the nerve systems and electrical system of the human biology and can manipulate chemicals, pain, arousal, as well as psychological states. The Church of Scientology is also working with Silicon Valley which has developed weaponized electronics disguised as computers, smart phones, wireless frequencies, and other systems. Sorcery is the unnatural manipulation of unseen forces like sounds, chemical reactions, and vibrational geometries with the intent of manipulating bodily chemistry, thoughts, and physiology. Kabbalah and Hermeticism are common forms of witchcraft practiced by the secret societies. Electronics enhance their sorcery.

The Church of Scientology, Kabbalah Center, and Silicon Valley have worked together to develop electronic weapons based on this witchcraft. The Church of Scientology considers itself a gnostic organization. Modern Gnosticism has been connected with Hermeticism which has a focus on alchemy or the manipulation of bodily chemicals. Kabbalah is similar but more about the manipulation of the mind and physiology through geometric sounds and vibrations. The Church of Scientology is involved with training members to use electronics with witchcraft. They are using electronics and wireless frequencies to torture people. Anonymous and other hacker groups are also involved with this covert persecution. Silicon Valley is partly overseen by Santa Clara University which is a Jesuit college and California's Jesuit Provincial who is SJ Michael F. Weiler. The Jesuits are also deeply involved with the US military and intelligence agencies. Santa Clara alumni include former CIA Director Leon Panetta, David Drummond the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Google, Brendan Eich the co-founder of Mozilla and JavaScript, Jack Kuehler a former top executive and electrical engineer for IBM, former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Peter Oppenheimer the former senior vice president and Chief Financial Officer of Apple. Santa Clara has courses in various sciences, engineering, and psychological counseling.

There is a Church of Scientology located in Silicon Valley and some companies located in Silicon Valley include Sony, Google, Oracle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Adobe, BEA Systems and many more. Japanese electronics companies work closely with Silicon Valley. Akihito the Emperor of Japan is a Knight of the Order of the Garter and serves the British Crown as the blood appointed head of state in Japan. The British royal family are deeply involved in this criminality and have Crown Knights and Freemasons involved in the US military and intelligence which work alongside the Jesuits and Roman agents. Sky Dayton is a Scientologist and created EarthLink which is a network and communications company. This is all about domination through the most ruthless measures. Many of the leaders in the global crime syndicate refer to themselves as technocrats. Technocracy is about a technological based governing system. Many actors in Hollywood are members of the Church of Scientology like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley. Many in Hollywood are covert members and George Clooney is a top leader of the Hollywood Illuminati. The most ruthless Kabbalists I have come across are Dwayne Johnson, Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Josh Hartnett, and the rapper RZA.

"I have come across...."

Do you mean you've met and seen these people do weird shit? Or just "come across" in your research.

Their covert interactions. The occult have a way of targeting people and subtly revealing themselves as they do it.

Yes. Once you "have eyes to see," it becomes rather obvious, and the signs are everywhere.

Could you elaborate on this and how you could know who they were and what they were doing? Thanks for your comments by the way

i have been followed by the occult before and I can say that what he is saying is accurate. they do not show themselves outright but through hints.

more details on exactly what happened:

What do you know about rza?

The rapper RZA from Wu Tang Clan is a member of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation (AVLN) which operates in New Jersey where RZA has a residence. RZA is a shot caller for the AVLN and a 33rd degree freemason. The AVLN was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the rapper Jay Z who is worth over 600 million created Roc-a-fella Records and is a member as well. Jay Z displays the hat cocked to the left in professional photos and wears a top hat and both of these are AVLN signs. RZA is a Five Percenter which is connected with the Nation of Islam and the AVLN has incorporated Islam into its beliefs. The Five Percenters are a covert masonic organization and practice Solomon witchcraft and are involved in human sacrifice. RZA sacrificed Ol' Dirty Bastard. Jay Z openly wore an Aleister Crowley shirt in public. Many rappers are members of the AVLN or other criminal organizations as well as masonic societies like the Nation of Islam or Five Percenters. RZA has covertly let me know that he knows where I live. I exposed the House of Saud and how they have a mafia involved with trafficking human beings at the Jersey ports and a few nights later RZA hired some thugs to roll up on my house just after I received a death threat. Jay Electronica is also a masonic Five Percenter and member of the Nation of Islam. He dated Kate Rothschild and lived in London for some time where he was trained by the British Freemasons. Illuminati rappers like RZA, Jay Electronica, Jay Z and others are involved with pedophilia, organized crime, gang stalking, threats, murder, and human trafficking. They also serve the House of Saud. Jay Z uses his hundreds of millions as a front to fund criminal activities. RZA is a hard core Satanist and one hundred percent evil.

Interesting info.

HAARP. modern electronics and wireless frequencies are generating geometrically designed programs into society. The chemtrails are made of nano conductive particles that create an electromagnetic fuzz in the air and this enhances these electronic frequencies and creates a type of artificial singularity. These frequencies are hacking into the nerve systems and electrical system of the human biology and can manipulate chemicals, pain, arousal, as well as psychological states

They don't call it Hollywierd for no reason. It's a sickening town altogether.

this guy does some amazing research. keep it going...

Thoughts on the porn industry?

do you know anything about the O.T.O.?

I know who their modern day "Crowley" is. He has been trained to be the next Aleister Crowley. If I name him I might get banned on here though. His last name is Cowles.

Think I read something about Quincy wanting to "do" Tupac, when Pac was seeing his daughter, of course Pac is supposed to have told him to gtf out of his face.

Why would Walker want to fake his death? The rumor when he died was that he was sacrificed. Have read that Clooney may be working for the CIA.

OP is slinging dem redpills. fuk yeah my dude.

Now this is the kind of wholesale crazy I come here for! If anyone wanted to feed the fantasies of the deeply paranoid, spread a little uncertainty, lead the gullible on wild goose chases or just discredit every thing about this sub this is how you'd do it. Bravo, sir. A+ work.

Hollywood is weird as hell... but it's named after a housing development.